We build our pressure washers for your need's
Each pressure washer that we build here in our shop is based on the information you have given us and built to your need's and usage. We build our washers with parts that we keep here on our shelves for stock, so if any repairs need to be done to your washer we have the parts to do it with. Our pressure washers are built to be used and to last. That is something that is getting hard to come by in our new throw away world today!
MS X-500  Mild Steel 5 HP  Cold  Water  Washer
                                    4GPM  at 2000 PSI

SSX-1000 Stainless Steel 10 HP Hot  Water Washer
                                            5 GPM at 3000 PSI
SSX-1500 Stainless Steel Cold  Water  Washer
                                   6-8 GPM at 3200 PSI
"SQUIRT" Is Our Smallest Cold Water Washer
                                      3 GPM at 1200 PSI

             "HOT ROD" is our custom built
                          cold water  washer.
                          2.8 GPM at 1200 PSI